Antiquax Original Wax 100ml


Antiquax Original Wax 100ml


Antiquax can be applied onto bare, stained, or finished wood.

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Antiquax Paste Wax is a  blend of waxes including beeswax and carnauba. It has been specially formulated to resist finger marking and to penetrate and nourish all wood surfaces. Use Antiquax regularly to maintain a deep luster on your furniture and to prevent the natural wood grain from drying out in centrally heated rooms. Antiquax Paste Wax is natural in colour and is suitable for all wood shades  Antiquax can be applied onto bare, stained, or finished wood.  Apply Antiquax with a clean cotton cloth. Wait 15 minutes and buff with a Polishing Cloth. Use Antiquax on all your furniture on a regular basis for a long-lasting finish.

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