Fusion Mineral Paint


Fusion Mineral Paint


AlgonquinAlgonquinAlgonquinAshAshAshAzurAzurAzurAzureAzureAzureBayberryBayberryBayberryBedfordBedfordBedfordButtermilk CreamButtermilk CreamButtermilk CreamCasementCasementCasementCathedral TaupeCathedral TaupeCathedral TaupeChamplainChamplainChamplainChocolateChocolateChocolateCoal BlackCoal BlackCoal BlackCoralCoralCoralCranberryCranberryCranberryFort York RedFort York RedFort York RedHomestead BlueHomestead BlueHomestead BlueLamp WhiteLamp WhiteLamp WhiteLaurentienLaurentienLaurentienLiberty BlueLiberty BlueLiberty BlueLichenLichenLichenLimestoneLimestoneLimestoneLittle LambLittle LambLittle LambLittle TeapotLittle TeapotLittle TeapotLittle WhaleLittle WhaleLittle WhaleMidnight BlueMidnight BlueMidnight BlueOceanOceanOceanPark BenchPark BenchPark BenchPebblePebblePebblePlasterPlasterPlasterPrairie SunsetPrairie SunsetPrairie SunsetPuttyPuttyPuttyRaw SilkRaw SilkRaw SilkRenfrew BlueRenfrew BlueRenfrew BlueSterlingSterlingSterling
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Superior to English and American chalk paints, Fusion Ultra Adhesive Mineral Paint can be applied to all surfaces without primer or undercoat. It is ready to use and gives a matte finish, just as authentic as milk paint. Fusion paint does not require finishing, but you can apply one to create glossier or patinated effects or to increase protection from water and friction. Fusion mineral paint is very durable and easy to apply. It offers excellent covering power, which in almost all cases, requires only one coat.

  • Truly resistant;
  • Optional finishing;
  • Interior and exterior application;
  • High covering power;
  • Scentless;
  • Zero VOC;
  • Self-leveling;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Ready to use.

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Weight 0.498 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm

500 ml


Algonquin, Ash, Azur, Azure, Bayberry, Bedford, Buttermilk Cream, Casement, Cathedral Taupe, Champlain, Chocolate, Coal Black, Coral, Cranberry, Fort York Red, Homestead Blue, Lamp White, Laurentien, Liberty Blue, Lichen, Limestone, Little Lamb, Little Teapot, Little Whale, Midnight Blue, Ocean, Park Bench, Pebble, Plaster, Prairie Sunset, Putty, Raw Silk, Renfrew Blue, Sterling


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