Circa 1850 Raw Linseed Oil 3.78L


Circa 1850 Raw Linseed Oil 3.78L



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Circa 1850 Raw Linseed Oil contains only raw linseed oil, no solvents. Circa 1850 Raw Linseed Oil can be used as a finish or can be mixed with other varnishes or solvents to formulate custom finishes. It is pressed from the seed of the flax plant and has been used for centuries to protect and beautify the wood. Raw Linseed Oil is not a food-grade oil. For cutting boards, butcher blocks and other wood surfaces that will be used for cutting food, Terra Nova Nature Oil is recommended.

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Structure and composition[edit]

Representative triglyceride found in a linseed oil, a triester (triglyceride) derived of linoleic acidalpha-linolenic acid, and oleic acid.

Linseed oil is a triglyceride, like other fats. Linseed oil is distinctive for its unusually large amount of α-linolenic acid, which has a distinctive reaction with oxygen in air. Specifically, the fatty acids in a typical linseed oil are of the following types:[3]

Drying properties

Having a high content of di- and tri-unsaturated esters, linseed oil is particularly susceptible to polymerization reactions upon exposure to oxygen in air. This polymerization, which is called “drying“, results in the rigidification of the material. To prevent premature drying, linseed oil-based products (oil paints, putty) are stored in airtight containers.

Rags soaked with linseed oil stored pose fire hazard because they provide a large surface area for rapid oxidation. The oxidation of linseed oil is exothermic, which may lead to spontaneous combustion.[4] In 1991, One Meridian Plaza, a high rise in Philadelphia, was severely damaged in a fire, in which three firefighters perished, thought to be caused by rags soaked with linseed oil.[5]

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