Waxine Rabbit Skin Glue


Waxine Rabbit Skin Glue



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Skins glues are the most resistant of collagen glues formerly called “strong glues”.  They are more flexible than bone glues with which they are often mixed.

The Rabbit Skin Glue has existed since the sixteenth century. It is used as a primer for painting on wood, for gilding with water, gluing fabrics, tempera paint, collages, paper making and inks from China. The Rabbit Skin Glue mixes with lime to make certain coatings. Excellent pore filler for wood, it gives a very smooth surface and is easily sanded.

Rabbit Skin Glue can be used in traditional painting when mixed with dry pigments and in the making of Gesso preparation. It is very flexible and has a powerful adhesive power, with a mat and velvety look, like lime.

Its reversibility to heat makes this glue irreplaceable for the restoration of antique furniture and especially for veneering and marquetry work.

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 11 cm

500 g


Soak the Rabbit Skin Glue in cold water. Once it is gelled, melt it in the bain-marie before using it. It should never boil. For faster use, put glue powder in hot water and shake regularly. Gelatin form when cooling so you can work it in a bain-marie. A quantity of 100 g of skin glue in 1 liter of water gives a 10% glue.


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